Meaningful structural engineering and design

Mark Fleischhaker P.Eng. is a structural engineer. He helps you create structures that are beyond physical.








Meaning: Goes beyond building something physical. My process works to celebrate deeper meaning. What makes your creation different from others of its type? What story is it trying to express? If you are investing your time, energy and money, then it should be special. Your creation might honour, express and embody ecological, personal, historic, spiritual or cultural importance.

Care: As Professional Engineer, I have a an ethical responsibility to maintain a high standard of care in my work. I am personally accountable for every piece of technical information that I communicate to you.

Sustainability: Considers social, ecological, spiritual and economic systems. Sustainability is not an add-on. It's a behaviour. My mindset appreciates all systems and their interrelationships. Symbiosis, up-cycled materials, regeneration, deconstructability, natural materials, durability, energy performance, user behaviour and autonomy are always considered.

Collaboration: I facilitate the expression and realization of your imagination. To get it right, we work openly together and the entire team takes proud ownership.