Meaningful structural engineering and design

Mark Fleischhaker P.Eng. is a structural engineer. He helps you create structures that are beyond physical.








Engineers serve an important role creating our built world. Their decisions affect the way many things are created and how we experience them. I feel many of these decisions are missing the mark. They often lead toward creations that negatively impact environmental and cultural systems.

We have several spatial, geometric and material options to choose from when creating. Certain choices have more positive, meaningful outcomes than others.

As a Professional Engineer, I have the responsibility to best-inform these choices and I want to leverage this opportunity.

My practice incorporates: Meaning, Care, Sustainability, Collaboration.

I would love to help you create your structures and spaces, whether they are natural constructions, earthships, tree houses, healthy homes, spiritual spaces, yoga shalas or sculptures.

Have an idea to create something special? Bounce it off me:

I live in British Columbia, Canada, work well remotely and can contribute to projects around the planet. If nothing more, I can help point you in the right direction.